Fritz Memorial Scholarship FAQ

Who is eligible?

All DCI drum majors are eligible for the Fritz Memorial Scholarship. Consistent with our mission and area of operation, drum majors from Michigan will be given priority.

The scholarship applies to tuition only - not auditions. If you are a Michigan student auditioning to be a drum major, please apply for our general scholarship program! You will still be eligible for the Fritz Memorial Scholarship if you get a contract. Likewise, Michigan students who do not receive the Fritz Memorial Scholarship are eligible for our general program as well.

When are applications open? When are they due?

We are still working on the details of the Fritz Memorial Scholarship application and award process. When we’ve worked everything out, we’ll update this FAQ answers to these questions.

How do I apply?

The Fritz Memorial Scholarship has a separate application from our general program. We will post a link to the application when it’s ready. If you would like us to notify you when the application is open, please send us an email.

Can I receive a general scholarship if I receive the Fritz Memorial Scholarship?

No. Our mission is to serve as many Michigan students as possible, which means we will not award multiple tuition scholarships to a single student.

How much is the Fritz Memorial Scholarship worth?

Like our general scholarship program, there is no set amount for the Fritz Memorial Scholarship. It depends on a number of factors, including the performance of the endowment in any given year, the total funds we have available, and the cost of tuition for each drum corps. However, based on the size of the endowment, the scholarship will generally be $400 or more.